Its yamachan's bday!!!!! YAY!!!! Happy birthday to him! Well thats it for today. Sorry!



I keep forgetting to send the special thing. Please be patient(its my stupid school's fault!)

Ryosuke hater!

My friend told me about a site where there is a girl that hates Yamada Ryosuke! What a weirdo! She just wants to get in fights with fangirls. She should keep it to herself if she wants to be safe. Here is the link:


From the picture, I already see I wouldn't get along with her. I hate her so much!

This is very old! I will be deleting it soon! But the links page will have it on there.


I have become obsessed with fanfiction. That is one of reasons I haven't been on a lot. But I recommend people who are skilled at making them :P. Here are some: shekushi, h0wlingcat, ksaiko-no-lady, thalia03, akira-amie-yuki, hikarin.